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News from the ORGAKOM FührungsAkademie

Meanwhile the ORGAKOM managament academy has opened its online-campus for its students. It offers to its students various modern options to learn and to acquire knowledge, to exchange on a technical level and to communicate in a network.

For the duration of their training at the ORGAKOM management academy, this online campus will be available for free to our subscribed students. It will offer state-of-the-art methods to learn and to acquire knowledge; it will facilitate the concise organization of your training and documents, and will provide for technical and personal exchange.

Already when you subscribe to the management academy you will receive your personal login to access the online campus. Then you will be able to use the following offers:

• You will find your personal scripts and learning documents – always available for you.

• You will have an entire overview of your training schedule.

• You will find special training updates on appointments, seminars, etc.

• You will find additional learning materials, e.g. podcasts and presentations.

• You will have quick access to updated additional information and documents.

• You will configure your personal competence training.

• You will find your personal assessments and test results.

• You will exchange with others in various technical forums.

• You will chat with other training participants and teachers.

• You will meet other students and "like-minded people" in the Campus Café.



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