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The ORGAKOM: group is an innovative and medium sized group of companies. Since 1987 it has been operating successfully on the market. Its core competencies include counseling of institutions and businesses in health and social affairs, and of authorities and organizations in terms of security tasks including the offer of continued education for their experts and managers. Today, ORGAKOM uses its expertise also in the international business environment, where it develops and implements trend-setting projects. 

News from ORGAKOM:

ORGAKOM Führungsakademie GmbH:   ORGAKOM managament academy has open its online-campus for its students. In future it will offer to its students various modern options to learn and to acquire knowledge, to exchange on a technical level and to communicate in a network.

ORGAKOM Analyse + Beratung:   Fire protection, catastrophe protection, rescue services and social institutions are important pillars of a holistic system to prevent danger and to protect and to provide for the well-being of a state’s citizens. But especially in those days of "empty" public funds, these areas must be questioned as regards their cost effectiveness since their performance in accordance with the legal provisions must always be effective.


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