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The pure nickel wire is coiled on spools


We can offer a large contingent of pure nickel wire of 10,000 meters in total, which may also be sold in partial quantities. The goods are stored in the security warehouse of the Credit Suisse in Zurich and we have the required quality certificates. This nickel wire comes up with a purity of more than 99.98 %, 0,025 mm.

The current market price is approximately 270 EUR/meter. The goods will be sold clearly below this market price. All further details are subject to negotiation.

Pure nickel is produced by the so called Moon-process in which impure nickel is forced to react with carbon monoxide (CO). This produces Nickel carbonyl [Ni(CO)4], which is then decomposed at 200°C to produce nickel of a purity of 99.99%. Pure nickel wires are today used in the electronics industry, for industrial catalysts and also as safety thread in bank notes. 






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