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Iron Ore

We offer Iron Ore from Indonesia, India, Australia, South America and South Africa. The Standard Specification can be seen from the following table. ORGAKOM has more then 15 mines long term agreements for the supply of Iron Ore. Therefore, in each case the specifications of the default values shown here differ. For the Order shall apply to the sale agreed values. If you have product specific search specifications, please contact us.




Iron ore in Indonesia is mined in comparatively small pits

Iron ore the raw material of our future

Iron ore has now become one of the most important raw materials for our industrialized nations. Worldwide, more than around 1.9 billion tons of iron ore of a value of more than 180 billion Euros were mined in 2010. The most important suppliers of iron ore are Brazil, Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Russia and India; who supply together almost 70 % of the global demand. 

The People’s Republic of China is not only the most important supplier of iron ore but also the largest iron and steel producer worldwide.


The ore stones extracted from the mines must be crushed and processed for further use

Indonesia has considerable iron ore deposits

Indonesia has considerable iron ore deposits, which are to their greatest extent still undeveloped. The country counted once among the 20 largest exporters of iron ore. In 2010 only 1,500,000 MT of iron ore from Indonesia were exported. And this even though iron ore from Indonesia offers an excellent quality which is comparable to the qualities of the materials mined in Brazil or Australia. At present, larger quantities of iron ore are only mined on Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. In future however, Indonesia might become a very important exporter of iron ore.

The processing of the raw materials increases the quality significantly and the supply types can better be tailored to the customers’ demands

Iron ore processing plants

Taking into account the facts described above, ORGAKOM plans to install processing plants for iron ore at four sites in total in Indonesia. Each of those plants will offer a production capacity of approx. 1.5 million tons of iron ore per year and cooperate directly with different mines. These plants will help to increase the quality of the raw materials and to refine the goods. Today the raw materials extracted from the mines are transported to the processing plants and then processed in several steps directly to fines and lumps with their respectively high iron contents.


From the processing plants the finished iron ore is transported by means of barges and then loaded to offshore vessels

Sale and shipping

At present, ORGAKOM has concluded supply contracts with 15 mines and thus does not only control the mining and processing of the raw materials in the processing plants but also the sale of the goods and organizes their transport to the final customer.

Quality controls are made through the renowned auditing firms Sucofindo (SGS), Geoservice or also ICCIC in the mine, in the processing plant and finally when the ships are loaded.


On the subject of iron ore, see also the following information.



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