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Product overview

Below you will find an overview about our standard products. Detailed information can be found on the side menu to call, or by selecting the appropriate product description or the photo button.


Iron Ore

ORGAKOM offers primarily Iron Ore from Indonesia, it can also Iron Ore from India, Brazil and Australia provide. Iron Ore can be used as "Fines" and as "Lumps" are delivered.

Manganese Ore

Manganese ORGAKOM offers from Indonesia and Thailand. The manganese content is 45 to 50%. Manganese ore can also be used in big-bags each containing 1 MT and in containers delivered.

Steam Coal

ORGAKOM supplies steam coal with calorific value between 5500 kcal / kg and 6700 kcal / kg from Indonesia. Steam coal from Indonesia has a low sulfur content.

Bituminous coal

ORGAKOM also provides bituminous coal for the coke production. The coal comes mainly from Australia and South America. 

Heavy Metal Scrap

ORGAKOM has constantly quotas on steel scrap (HMS 1 & 2) from different deposits in Western and Eastern Europe and North America. That can be supplied bulk goods by vessel or even in containers.


Used Rails

The availability of Used Rails on the market is extremely limited. ORGAKOM but individual available on the market quotas Used Rails from Europe and America to offer.

Pig iron from Brazil

Pig iron is the product resulting from the melting of iron ore arises. It is an intermediate in the manufacture of iron and steel.



High-purity aluminum 99.999%

High-purity aluminum 99.999% A5N as a cylinder, 1,000 kg or more per month available.



Steel Billets

Steel Billets with dimensions of 12,5 x 12,5 x 600/900 cm (hot rolled), according to GOST 380-94, Grade 3 or SP / PS, FOB Black Sea or CFR ASWP available.



Totaly 10.000 Meters Nickel-Wire ø 0,2 mm. This nickel wire comes up with a purity of more than 99.98 %. The goods are stored in the security warehouse of the Credit Suisse in Zurich.


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