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Against the author and distributor of the "ICC Black List" determines whether the police in Germany as well as Interpol.

ICC Black List - Attention it is a fake

Since more than 2 years now, fraudsters and other criminal persons have been distributing on purpose an alleged “ICC Black List“ in which also ORGAKOM Milindo is shown. It is interesting to see that all companies listed there had in some form contact to the same person from Berlin. 

This list is a fake, which is again and again largely widespread over the Internet. Both, in Germany and via Interpol, preliminary investigations are being conducted against the authors of this list and also against those persons who distribute it. 


This is an excerpt from the fake and criminals on the Internet distributed "ICC Black List". By clicking on the list will be displayed enlarged.

There are no ICC Black List

We and other listed companies had already long ago contacted the ICC in Paris and also the ICC Crime Service in London. Both declared unmistakably that there is no such list from the ICC and that this list is a fake. 

Please inform also your business partners that this alleged “Black List" is a fake made by criminals.

If you get to know the author(s) of the list, please notify us or the police immediately. Also those who distribute this list commit an offence. Please inform us, the police or the ICC on the person who sent this list to you. 


Public statement by the ICC Commercial Crime Services Fraud "Black List"

The ICC Commercial Crime Service has on January 28, 2008 in an official statement before the fake "Black List" and warned to provide relevant advice for the apprehension of the perpetrators asked. The ICC also specifically warns against passing the list.


The statement by the ICC Commercial Crime Service can be found here....


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