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Information - overview

Below you will find an overview of interesting and important information from our company. The most detailed text can be obtained by selecting the appropriate keyword in the side menu or by selecting the appropriate header information, or click the respective photo.


ICC Black List - Attention it is a fake

The list is a fake especially repeatedly again and widely dispersed over the Internet is distributed. The ICC Commercial Crime Services officially warns against the fake list.


Investing in Coal Mines

Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of steam coal. For example, 2010 more than 340 million tons of coal produced. Now is the opportunity to participate in three coal mines.


How to use Twitter

At present Twitter is the most successful Microblogging service. You can subscribe to the Twitter service of ORGAKOM Milindo under the address OK_Milindo. But how works Twitter, how can it be used? Some important hints.



Internet fraudsters 

In a new mesh of Internet fraudsters Orgakom Milinda pointing this out. The fraudsters are exploiting popular Internet forums. Particularly at risk are those enterprises in international business. 


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